A space to call their own

Pressley Ridge School for Autism and the Deaf

Pittsburgh, PA | New construction | 40,000 square feet | Completed June 2020 | Construction value: $10,000,000

behind the design

A space to call their own

For years, deaf and autistic students needed a designated environment for their learning and development. Pressley Ridge was constructed to allow a more concentrated interaction for students facing sensory and behavioral challenges.

To achieve this, we implemented design components to provide sensory exploration and stimulation, as well as other elements for students who need calming scenarios and separation. The results were a space that students, their families, and the staff call their own.

working together

Special challenges required specialty teams

To develop building system strategies that were sensitive to noise, vibration, and overstimulation, we worked in conjunction with commentary from specialty consultants.

We also worked with an experienced consultant who had designed for the needs of autistic students, plus an expert on the hearing impaired, to help us create a successful and impactful design. These consultants also helped us combine the design with the everyday challenges expressed by school staff. To ensure safety and security during construction, we had to be certain to choose a contractor with the experience of working on an actively used site with curious students and staff. These individuals, and others, created a team of specialists who met this particular special challenge.

our creative voice

Making a difference is why we do this

Pressley Ridge trusted us to execute a unique challenge that helped us evolve professionally.

We were able to explore new innovations and state-of-the-art technologies, including sensory equipment, interactive classroom displays, and integrated visual alarm systems for deaf students. The opportunity to make an impact on students and staff, plus change and improve an educational environment, is why we do this.

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