Welcoming, patient-centered, world-class care

AGH Imaging Institute

Pittsburgh, PA | Complete renovation | 50,000 square feet | Scheduled completion 2025 | Construction value: $26M

behind the design

Reimagining imaging

A re-imagining of the entire radiology department led to the creation of the AGH Imaging Institute. This fundamental mindset shift to focus on the patient experience made the project not only responsive, but also transformative.

The AGH Imaging Institute was designed to be a 21st century Radiology Department, including state-of-the-art equipment and staff, able to operate at full potential in delivering high-quality, private, and dignified patient care. While much of the project scope involves equipment replacement, new equipment alone does not determine patient experience. Upon entering the newly designed AGH Imaging Institute, outpatients and their families are greeted by a fresh, bright lobby space with windows into the lounge area. There are multiple seating areas and a Kids Corner that serve visitors of all ages. In addition, private registration rooms located directly off the lounge; provide a space to check in and discuss confidential information with caring AHN staff. The experience is designed to be easy, clear, and accessible to all that visit the Institute. The AGH Imaging Institute will serve the community with 24 imaging rooms; patients will experience a welcoming environment, and clinical staff will have the capacity and technology to meaningfully contribute to the radiology field and provide world-class care to their patients.

working together

Masterplanning transformation

RM Creative worked closely with the Owner's Chair of Radiology during masterplanning of the space to ensure the transformation aligned with the vision and goals of the facility.

Due to the complex nature of the project, many groups needed to provide input. This included coordinating with the Owner's representatives for Regulatory Compliance, Medical Equipment, Interior Design, IT, Security, and Facilities Maintenance. Finally, in order to keep the department operational throughout construction, RM Creative developed a detailed phasing plan and coordinated enabling moves, and sequencing to accommodate upgrades infrastructure support to serve the existing and new space during and after completion of each phase. Throughout design, RM Creative provided colored plan diagrams, phasing options, and perspective views of the space to communicate clearly and reach solutions.

our creative voice

Rare opportunity for reconfiguration

To meet the challenges to make the AGH Imaging Institute a world class entity will require eleven enabling projects to relocate non-clinical program space from AGH Level 01 to other areas on campus. The Imaging Institute itself includes 50,000 SF of renovation, four construction projects, and nine phases over the next few years.

Circulation through the space is entirely reconfigured to allow for separate inpatient and outpatient flows. Clinical space takes center stage to provide world class care. Inpatients are served in an efficient way that maintains privacy. Outpatients are greeted with a clear and welcoming front door. RM Creative brought together many varied requirements and created unified and cohesive plan for the new Imaging Institute.

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